Realistic Lawns Artificial Turf Solutions.
0% water, 100% realistic.

With Realistic Lawns Artificial Turf now you can have a soft, manicured lawn that stays resilient and lush green all year round without lifting a finger or worrying about water. Water restrictions are not a problem with your new Realistic Lawns Artificial Turf. Realistic Lawns Artificial Grass is perfect for use around pools, patios, balconies, verandahs, decking and pontoons.

Realistic Lawns Artificial Grass are completely child safe (no more dirty clothes and bloody knees) are extremely pet friendly (no more muddy paws), allergy free and give excellent drainage. Preventing standing water after storms.

Our Quality Product This high quality lush Artificial Turf is literally the end of problems and stress about watering your lawn, endless mowing and wasted weekends. You can be confident with a Warranty Certificate of 7 years when you purchase Artificial Turf from Realistic Lawns. Realistic Lawns Artificial Lawn is so realistic that it is difficult to distinguish the difference between natural grass and our synthetic grass.

Our synthetic grass fibers are manufactured with an advanced blend polypropylene, unlike, the nylon "Astro Turf". Our advanced grass is durable, yet soft enough to offer the most consistent and realistic lawn.

We Guarantee giving you a stress free and positive experience when dealing with all Realistic Lawns Artificial Turf Staff. Our quality Customer Service starts right from your individual design concepts 0% water, 100% realistic.

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